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Secure your electricity price for 7 years at the current special rate

15.49 cents/kWh
+ Monthly fee €1.99

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Store your solar energy!

  • Solar panels
  • Battery bank
  • Zero power outages
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    And charge when it's
    convenient for you

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    Heat pump full service rent –
    warmth with low costs

  • No big payment
  • No maintenance or mounting expenses
  • Monthly fee starting from 50€ /month

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    We value our customers and enable flexible payment of bills. If you feel that you need to extend the payment deadline of Eesti Energia's bill or pay in installments according to the payment schedule, submit the application below.

    We will draw up a solution for you and, if necessary, contact you to specify the details.

    A payment extension will be accompanied by a default interest rate, which is 0,066% per day from May 1, 2022.

    Therefore, we recommend that you pay your bills as soon as possible and as much as possible to reduce your default interest accrued.

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    Heat pumps

    Economical and convenient heating and cooling solution

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    Generate your own electricity and save today!

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    Become more energy wise!

    Up-to-date information about what's going on in the energy world and many other interesting things.

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    Together we will make the world a cleaner place

    You can choose 100% renewable energy
    with all our packages

    Make the contract green

    With solar panels you can
    produce green energy yourself

    Calculate a suitable solution for me

    We care - 40% of our electricity production constitutes renewable energy

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