Enefit is the new energy!

As of 1 January 2024, all our energy products and services are available under the Enefit brand.

Your Enefit

At Enefit, we are your energy partners, who help you find smart energy solutions. Solutions that make your day-to-day life more convenient, are more energy-efficient and help reduce your environmental footprint.

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We are the pioneers of the green journey

For now, more than 51,000 customers have joined us on the green journey and get 100% of their electricity from renewable energy sources and their CO2 footprint decreased by around 430,000 tonnes in 2023.

51 000



on the green journey

430 000

tons of CO2

Sander Randver

We always want you to have access to affordable electricity

By choosing a green electricity package, you support eco-friendly energy production, as 100% of the electricity of our green packages is generated from renewable sources. By choosing green, you are also choosing a cleaner future.

Enefit will also provide you with peace of mind about the future – if you choose our fixed electricity package, you can be sure that the agreed price will remain, regardless of the electricity prices on the exchange market.

Sander Randver

Head of Energy Services

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Kert Pääbo

Enefit Volt is your electric car charging partner at home, work and on the road across the Baltic region and Poland

At Enefit Volt, we promote the transition to more eco-friendly transport and offer convenient electric car charging solutions both at home and on the road. All Volt public chargers use only green electricity, helping you reach your destinations in a CO2-free way. Our smart charging app for home chargers allows you to automatically schedule charging for the cheapest stock market hours. This means that overall electricity consumption during peak hours is reduced, which in turn reduces the need to produce fossil fuels.

Kert Pääbo

Head of e-Mobility

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Mikk Tootsi

By producing and storing electricity yourself, you can start saving on energy costs right away!

Our complete solar energy solution with the new smart storage solution ensures that you save as much as possible by automatically taking into account your electricity consumption and solar panel production. The unique control algorithm is adaptable and does not require constant manual configuration. You can be sure that using the storage device guarantees you the greatest savings.

Mikk Tootsi

Solar and Storage Business Development Manager

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Charge your electric car conveniently at home, work or on the road

Electric transport is essential in order to move forward smartly on the green journey. We are here to help you charge your electric car at the cheapest exchange price at home and at work.


The largest electric car charging network

Enefit Volt is the largest electric car charging service provider – for more convenient travelling, we have installed almost 200 public chargers across Estonia for all types of electric cars. As the next step, we are expanding rapidly across the Baltics to make even longer trips worry-free.

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tark laadimine

Smart charging at your home and work

For charging at home, we offer top-of-the-range chargers with a smart charger app that will help you reduce charging costs and save the environment. We are responsible for the design, installation, maintenance and day-to-day management of the charging solution – all that is left for you to do is enjoy convenient charging at your home.

To registered immovables with commercial buildings and several electric cars, we are ready to help create a public charging solution that will ensure reliable and user-friendly charging to both clients and employees. We make the investment and share the revenue generated from the charging service with you.

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Going green without extra costs

As an Enefit Volt rental customer, you can choose an affordable green electricity package and charge your electric car with electricity from eco-friendly sources. With the Exchange Green package, the price of electricity changes every hour – by using Enefit's smart charging solution, you can easily schedule charging for the most affordable hours and be sure that all the electricity you use is produced from renewable energy sources.

By generating your own energy, you are saving up to 70% a year on electricity costs

Solar panels are a good and convenient way to reduce your environmental footprint, as it allows you to produce 100% clean energy and save on electricity costs. You save on electricity costs, network charges as well as state taxes, and you can sell the surplus energy back to the grid.

An energy storage device allows you to store the electricity produced by the solar panels and use it later. For example, when the price of electricity purchased from the grid is expensive or in the event of a power outage.

To make your consumption be green even when the sun is not shining, for solar and storage solution users we offer an electricity contract on favourable terms: an electricity package based on 100% renewable energy with stock market price, with a 50% lower margin and no monthly fee.

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Keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer in an eco-friendly and affordable way

An air-to-air heat pump is a safe and convenient heating solution that can reduce your electricity costs by up to 80%. Forget about firewood, smoke, chimneys and ash, as you can get warm in a more sustainable way by simply pressing a button.

For your convenience, you can opt for air-to-air and air-to-water heat pumps as a full service, with all device-related costs included in the monthly fee. On average, the installation takes only 1–2 days.

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We offer you peace of mind – with insurance you safeguard your property and electrical appliances

Did you know that:

  • your home appliances are sensitive to voltage spikes;
  • there are around 1,000 registered fires a year, of which nearly half are caused by electricity or failure of electrical equipment;
  • nearly 40% of homes in Estonia are uninsured;
  • regular property insurance does often not cover failures caused by forces of nature (thunder, storms, freezing).
  • Our insurance solution protects you against damage caused by electrical failures and is a good addition to your existing home insurance.

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    Trust professionals when it comes to electrical work

    Call our experienced electrical experts to check your home's electrical connections and carry out any electrical work – we can help with both small and large-scale works. We have certified electricians working all across Estonia, carrying out high-quality electrical work that comes with a two-year warranty.

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    Enefit's high-speed internet provides your home with an uninterrupted connection

    Our fibre optic-based high-speed internet network ensures that you can watch TV and browse the internet at home without interruptions. The connection of up to 1 Gbit/s allows the entire family to use the internet simultaneously without the connection slowing down in a single device. Our neutral network allows you to choose your own internet provider. See if our high-speed internet network has already reached your home.

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    As of the new year, all Eesti Energia customers are Enefit customers!

    All your contracts with Eesti Energia will remain in effect under Enefit, and you do not have to do anything about the change.

    All our customer service contacts are the same as before:

    For private customers: 777 4040 (Mon–Fri 8-18, Sat–Sun closed), email: [email protected]

    For business customers: 777 2020 (Mon–Fri 9–17, Sat–Sun closed), email: [email protected]