How does this work?

The Eesti Energia lighting service makes the transition to LED technology easy. We will review your company's electricity consumption, find ways to update the service and make you an offer. Eesti Energia will finance the initial investment, provide delivery and replacement, and provide warranties and maintenance works during the agreed contract period. After a contract period of 3 to 5 years, your company will own the lighting solutions.

1. Analysis of the company's lighting and needs

2. Making an offer and concluding a contract

3. Delivery and installation of LED bulbs

4. Immediate savings

5. Management and maintenance


  • Modern energy saving light solutions that do not require self-financing
  • Average savings of 15–20% on electricity costs
  • No installation and maintenance costs
  • Improved cash flow from the company's main activities
  • Environmental friendliness

How does lightning service affect company's expenses?

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project manager
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