When purchasing energy from us, you will receive:

  • A strategy that spreads the company's risks and is transparent
  • A strategy that allows you to fix the price for a long term
  • Individual service from a key account manager oriented to your business
  • Electricity and gas purchased conveniently from a single partner
  • A monthly energy market overview with an analysis of energy market events
  • Your share of energy originating in Estonia

Electricity purchase strategy for your business

As a large business customer, you will always receive from us gas and electricity purchase solutions taking into account the needs and goals of your business and allowing you to fix the energy price you pay for a long term or to benefit from fluctuations in exchange prices.

All rates are fixed as single, dual or treble tariffs during the fixed-term contract. During the contract a purchase strategy with fixed rates is not affected by changes in exchange prices. This strategy is especially suitable for your business if you have to stick exactly to the budget.

  • The electricity price remains the same during the contract period
  • Price fluctuations on the power exchange do not influence the bill
  • You control your electricity expenses

Makes it easy to plan a budget and stick exactly to that budget.

The prices on the market can change, but the agreed fixed rates still apply during the contract.

Obliges the company to purchase an agreed quantity.

Since the price and purchase quantity are fixed, there is little flexibility during the contract.

No gain from any fall in the market price.

The electricity price on our electricity market changes every hour. With a weighted purchase strategy, an agreed quantity of electricity, called base energy, is supplied at a fixed price, and any electricity beyond the agreed quantity of base energy is supplied to your company at the price of the Estonian area of the Nord Pool exchange for the hour. If consumption of electricity in a given hour is less than agreed, we will buy back the difference at the agreed buy-back price.

  • The electricity price depends on the exchange prices
  • Price changes on the exchange can considerably influence the bill
  • The cost of electricity will increase or decrease as the exchange prices fluctuate

Makes it easier to plan a budget, spreads purchase risks if the market price rises or falls.

It is always possible to buy additional base energy.

This is the most common purchase model for large business customers in the Nordic and Estonian electricity markets

Limits the amount of money that can be saved if the market price falls.

* You can find more information about the exchange prices for the Estonian area if you select the EE" region on the Nord Pool power exchange »

With the progressive purchase strategy, all the electricity is purchased at the hourly prices* for the Estonian price area of the Nord Pool, which can change every hour. By using this strategy you can enjoy the benefits of the best electricity prices but you should remember that there is a higher price risk.

  • The electricity price partly depends on the exchange prices
  • Price changes on the exchange partly influence the bill
  • You control a part of your electricity expenses

Taking maximum risks maximises the amount of money that can be saved.

It is always possible to fix the price for the following month either completely or partially.

Electricity exchange prices cannot be predicted.

* You can find more information about the exchange prices for the Estonian area if you select the "EE" region on the Nord Pool power exchange »

Green Energy

Support green energy and a sustainable way of thinking and choose Green Energy. Green Energy is produced 100% from renewable sources, mainly solar, wind and hydro energy.

  • You can use the Green Energy label in your corporate marketing
  • You will save the environment and keep it clean for the generations to come
  • You will support producers of renewable energy
  • Your company will set an example

When you use Green Energy, electricity is supplied to your company via the regular grid. We will guarantee that an amount of energy from renewable sources corresponding to the consumption volume agreed in your Green Energy contract is always available in the grid.

The Green Energy trademark

Customers who have subscribed to Green Energy may use the Green Energy trademark.

The Green Energy trademark (zip) »

Gas purchase strategies

In addition to purchasing electricity, large business customers can also select one of three gas purchase solutions: partly or fully fixed prices or a variable price for gas energy.

If you choose gas energy at a fixed price for your company, we guarantee a fixed price for each MWh throughout the contract even if the energy value per m3 of gas changes. This is the best choice if it is important for your company to have the same gas price throughout the contract. Fixed price helps you stay on budget.

A partially fixed gas price means that we will agree on the quantity of gas your company will purchase each month for the duration of the contract at a fixed price. The rest of the gas consumed will be purchased using the exchange rate. We offer a fixed sales margin for gas purchased at the exchange rate for the duration of the contract, which means that the sales margin in a given month does not depend on the amount of gas consumed.

A partially fixed price is the best choice for you if you want to fix the gas price for your company for a longer period, but but cannot estimate an exact quantity of gas to be consumed.

When using the exchange rate, the gas price varies month by month based on the global market prices of oil products. We offer gas to your business based on a formula that has been standardised in Estonia, and we can also offer a fixed sales margin for the duration of the contract, which means that the sales margin is not affected by gas consumed in a given month.

Gas exchange rate is the best choice if gas costs do not play a strategic role in your businesses or you want to fix the gas price in the future when the market price is cheaper. We will monitor the market for you and will notify you of the best opportunities to fix a price and thus help reduce business risks.

Energy market overview

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