Why prefer Green Energy?

You will save the environment and keep it clean for generations to come.

By purchasing Green Energy, you influence the development of electricity production so as to better maintain the environment and use natural resources more economically. The larger the number of Green Energy customers, the larger the share of renewable energy in electricity production and the less carbon dioxide is emitted by the production process.

You will support producers of renewable energy

Producing electricity from renewable sources is important as it guarantees the strength and independence of our state. The more diverse and dispersed electricity generation, the more secure the electricity supply for consumers. Green Energy is produced 100% from renewable sources, mainly solar, wind and hydro energy. We generate Green Energy ourselves or buy it from other European electricity producers.

You will set an example

You will show how important a clean environment is to you and contribute to preserving it.

Choosing Green Energy is simple. When signing or modifying your electricity contract, choose Green Energy from your preferred package.

Green Energy for your business

You can also sign a Green Energy contract for your company. In addition to other benefits, you will be able to use a Green Energy label in your marketing activities. For example, the label can be used on products, promotional materials, the company's website, and also on and inside buildings.

Why have business customers of Eesti Energia chosen Green Energy?

  • Fortaco Estonia OÜ

  • AS Kroonpress

  • ERGO Insurance SE

  • Telia

  • Akzo Nobel Baltics AS

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