Equal package

In the Equal package, the price for electricity is fixed and your electricity bill is the same each month, which helps you better plan your expenses. In frames of the campaign, free electrical appliance and power failure insurance is included for everyone joining the package.

We calculate the size of the equal payment personally for you, by taking your consumption prognosis for twelve months intoaccount.

Fixed Package

With the Fixed Package, you will fix your electricity price for 6–36 months, during which the kWh price of electricity on your bill will be the same every month. The Fixed Package is the easiest way to plan and control your spending on electricity. Price fluctuations in the electricity exchange will have no effect on your bill and we guarantee that the agreed price will not change during the contract.

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Exchange Package

With the Exchange Package you can take full advantage of cheaper prices but you also need to be prepared for when prices are higher. In the Exchange Package, the price of electricity depends completely on the exchange price. In the electricity contract we will agree on a sales margin which will be added to the exchange price. If the margin changes during the contract, we will give you 30 days notice. With the Exchange Package, your electricity price is the market price and so it changes constantly.

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To select a suitable package, enter the e-service and view the personal offer we prepared based on your current electricity consumption.

Support green thinking – choose Green Energy

When signing a contract with Eesti Energia, you can choose between conventional and Green Energy. We guarantee that the Green Energy you consume is produced from 100% renewable energy sources. Otherwise, the electricity you buy comes from a mix of sources: oil shale, biofuels, waste, wind or water.

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