How the price is formed

The price of electricity does not change during the chosen contract period and equal payments have been calculated on the basis of your consumption over the last 12 months, so that your electricity costs are divided equally across the year.

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With the Fixed Package, the electricity price is fixed and does not change during the selected contract period. The electricity price depends on the length of the period. The price is usually a little cheaper for a longer period. In the Exchange Package, the price of electricity depends entirely on the exchange price and changes every hour as a combined result of many factors.
Price components 100% fixed price + monthly fee

100% fixed price

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100% exchange price + margin + monthly fee

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Plus Free insurance covering electrical appliances (€1,500) and power failures (€100) The longest contract period with a fixed price Eesti Energia app to manage consumption
Contract period 12 or 24 months 6, 12, 24 or 36 months Open-ended
Suits you if... …you prefer to pay the same amount in summer and winter and appreciate the peace of mind that insurance provides. …electricity costs form a considerable part of your budget and you want to be protected against price rises. …you want to manage your consumption according to the price changes on the electricity exchange.
Green Energy can be selected in addition to each package.

Support green thinking – choose Green Energy

When signing a contract with Eesti Energia, you can choose between conventional and Green Energy. We guarantee that the Green Energy you consume is produced from 100% renewable energy sources. Otherwise, the electricity you buy comes from a mix of sources: oil shale, biofuels, waste, wind or water.

Electricity products for large business customers

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How the electricity market functions

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