Why choose solar energy?


  • electricity is produced locally and therefore helps to save on grid charges
  • provides an opportunity to fix the electricity price for years and secure more affordable pricing compared to electricity purchased from the grid


  • the investment in solar panels has stable and solid yield


  • the sun is 100% renewable energy
  • reduces your ecological footprint
  • helps to improve the energy performance class of a building and increase market value

Solar panel calculator

Calculate here which solar energy solution you could install in your home or in a summer house. In case you wish to build a solar power plant with an aim to produce electric energy purely to sell to the grid, please contact us by sending an e-mail to paikeseenergia@energia.ee.

Sample solutions

Eramu elektrikütteta
Private house with heating not related to electricity
Eramu elektriküttega
Private house with electric heating
Annual consumption Up to 5 000 kWh 5 000 - 10 000 kWh More than 10 000 kWh
Electricity costs per year Up to 700 EUR 700 - 1 200 EUR More than 1 200 EUR
System capacity 5 kW 8 kW 11 kW
Amount of panels 18 tk 28 tk 38 tk
Required area on a gable roof 40 m2 60 m2 80 m2
Annual production 4 600 kWh 7 200 kWh 9 900 kWh
Cost with VAT 5 800 EUR 8 600 EUR 11 200 EUR
Financial gain per year 440 EUR 670 EUR 900 EUR
Payback period 13,0 years 12,7 years 12,4 years

Aastane tarbimine: Up to 5000 kWh

Elektrikulu aastas: Up to 700 EUR

Süsteemi võimsus: 5 kW

Paneelide arv: 18 tk

Vajalik pindala viilkatusel: 40 m2

Aastane toodang: 4600 kWh

Maksumus käibemaksuga: 5800 EUR

Sääst aastas: 440 EUR

Tasuvusaeg: 13,0 years

Eramu elektrikütteta
Private house with heating not related to electricity

Aastane tarbimine: 5000 - 10 000 kWh

Elektrikulu aastas: 700 - 1200 EUR

Süsteemi võimsus: 8 kW

Paneelide arv: 28 tk

Vajalik pindala viilkatusel: 60 m2

Aastane toodang: 7200 kWh

Maksumus käibemaksuga: 8600 EUR

Sääst aastas: 670 EUR

Tasuvusaeg: 12,7 years

Eramu elektriküttega
Private house with electric heating

Aastane tarbimine: More than 10 000 kWh

Elektrikulu aastas: More than 1200 EUR

Süsteemi võimsus: 11 kW

Paneelide arv: 38 tk

Vajalik pindala viilkatusel: 80 m2

Aastane toodang: 9900 kWh

Maksumus käibemaksuga: 11 200 EUR

Sääst aastas: 90 EUR

Tasuvusaeg: 12,4 years

Five steps to solar energy

Calculate how much you would save

Use our web calculator to get a first estimate of the size of your investment, the potential financial gain and payback period.

Exact quote

If you are interested, ask for a quote and our sales engineers will review the object and perform a more in-depth analysis. That's how we find the best solution for your home.


If the price offer is suitable, we will enter into a contract and start preparatory activities, incl. we prepare the project and prepare the necessary permits and documents.


We agree on the time for installation, and our technicians will install the solar system within a few days.

Start producing!

Enjoy cheaper and cleaner electricity and keep an eye on your station's productivity with your smartphone. If you have any questions, you can reach us with just a phone call.

Why Eesti Energia?

  • Carefree - we ensure a smooth process from idea to implementation and object transfer with documentation for the least effort on the customer's part. We apply for the necessary permits, help with the grid contract, and advise on national support schemes that help finance renewable energy solutions. In addition, we buy back the excess electricity from your own consumption.
  • Guaranteed quality - we provide equipment from the world's leading manufacturers and the installation will be done by experienced specialists of Eesti Energia.
  • Trustworthy and reliable - because it is a long-term investment, we can guarantee that we will be there both today and in years to come.
  • Personal - we will find a solution that meets the needs and possibilities of each customer and help lay the foundations for a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lifestyle.