Why choose solar power?

Reduced energy costs

  • Electricity is produced locally and does not involve network fees
  • Cheaper than buying electricity from the network

Environmentally sustainable

  • Solar energy is 100% renewable
  • Reduces the company's ecological footprint
  • Helps improve the energy performance class of the building and is a step closer to meeting the requirements for nearly zero-energy buildings applicable from 2021

Choose the best solar energy solution for you

Start using solar energy without making any investments of your own, or start producing solar power.

Complete solar energy service without self-financing
The unique complete solar energy service in the Estonian market lets the entrepreneur focus on their main business and leave everything to do with solar power production to Eesti Energia.

Eesti Energia will install the solar energy solution on the customer's premises free of charge and take care of all aspects of solar power production. No investment will be required by the customer, who will only pay for the electricity produced at an agreed rate.

We can only offer the Solar Power Plus energy solution to business customers with an annual electricity consumption of more than 500 MWh.

Invest in solar energy
Solar energy is a secure low-risk investment toward a considerable reduction in electricity costs. Eesti Energia will help find a solution meeting the needs of the customer's company.

We offer high quality solar power equipment from the world's leading manufacturers that have gone through a careful selection process. We will guarantee a smooth process from designing to final installation and commissioning. We will take care of building permits, operating licences and network connection documents.

We also offer the following additional services:

  • Real time monitoring of electricity production
  • A monthly brief report and an annual summary of the system's output and financial performance
  • Annual maintenance to ensure long-term operability and maximum output

Completed works

We install solar panels on detached houses, office and apartment buildings as well as manufacturing plants. Our strength is designing and building complete solutions that generate value for our customers.


Estonia Dairy Farm solar power plant

We installed a solar power plant of 644 solar panels with a total capacity of 174 kW. It is the Solar Power Plus energy solution, in which no investment is required by the customer and the produced electricity is cheaper for them than that purchased from the grid. Also, the price for solar electricity is fixed for the entire contract period. Therefore, the higher the future price increase of electricity, the higher the savings for the client. The installed system covers about 15% of the customer's entire annual electricity consumption and more than half of the company's daily consumption from April to August.

kortermaja Tallinnas

Apartment building in Tallinn

We installed a solar park with a capacity of 5.7 kW on an apartment building in Tallinn. The panels were installed on a flat bitumen roof. Works were carried out on the basis of the customer's project, where some modifications were made for a better end result. The final result and production are affected by the fact that other construction works and ventilation equipment installed on the roof were not considered at the time of designing the solar park. Gaining the optimal and initially planned productivity would have meant considerable additional costs, which would not have been reasonable.

kortermaja Kehras

Apartment building in Kehra

Apartment building in Kehra on which we installed a solar park with a capacity of 15.7 kW. The solar park was installed on the tin roof of the five-storey building. The works were carried out on the basis of the customer's project.

eramu Valgamaal

Detached house in Valgamaa

We installed a solar park with a capacity of 8.3 kW on a private house in Valgamaa. The panels were placed on two stone roofs with different inclinations. The works also included designing the solar part with prior cost accounting.