Electricity systems need regular maintenance to perform faultlessly. All owners of electricity systems must maintain the systems pursuant to the Electrical Safety Act. The owner of an electrical installation is required to have a written maintenance contract if the main fuse rating is over 100 A. We offer a complete electricity solution for buildings and take care of all the formalities.


Why does the main fuse engage when my amperage should be sufficient? Why do electronic devices and lights often unexpectedly fail? Is the main fuse rating of the electricity system too high or too low? You can get expert answers to these and other questions from us. We measure the parameters of an electricity system and "translate" the results into a language that the customer can understand.

Measurement tests and auditing

The technical parameters of an electricity system change over time. The insulation of wires changes, and environmental conditions have their impact on an electricity system. To avoid risks such as short circuits, overheating and unexpected electric shocks, an electricity system should be thoroughly inspected once in a while. The best way to do that is to test and audit the electricity system. This will confirm the safety of the system or identify any shortcomings. The requirement to audit electricity systems arises from law.

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Kaupo Kallak

Head of electrical and gas works

Major electrical work

We can build new or renovate existing electricity systems for detached houses, offices, apartment buildings, outdoor networks and production facilities. We have the skills and experience for a whole range of indoor and outdoor works from substations to wall sockets.