Electricity packages

When choosing an electricity package, you should consider the share of electricity expenses in your family budget and how important it is for you to know the electricity price in advance during the contract period.

  • Electricity bill is the same each month
  • Electricity price is the same throughout the contract period
  • Electrical appliance and power failure insurance gives you sense of security
  • The electricity price remains the same during the contract period
  • Price fluctuations on the power exchange do not influence your bill
  • You control your electricity expenses
  • Your electricity price depends on the exchange prices
  • Price changes on the exchange can considerably influence your bill
  • Your electricity expenses will increase or decrease as the exchange prices fluctuate

Eesti Energia mobile app

With the mobile app, your consumption information, electricity contract, invoice information and Eesti Energia's contact details are readily available at all times, and you can conveniently submit meter readings by mobile phone. The Eesti Energia mobile app can be used by all residential customers in a contract with Eesti Energia.

A contract with Eesti Energia offers wonderful surprises

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Electrical work

You can order larger and smaller electrical work from us. We offer maintenance of electricity systems and installations, measurement tests and audits.

Renewable energy

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