I would like an universal service offer

Starting in November, all micro and small businesses, as well as sole proprietors, foundations, non-profit organizations up to an annual electricity consumption of one gigawatt-hour, can buy electricity within the framework of the universal service.

If you have not been recieved an universal service offer, submit your request to join the universal service here.

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I would like an universal service offer


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How is the universal service price determined?

The price of the universal service is formed in two stages:

  • Firstly, the Competition Authority approves the producer price of the universal service, which is based on the costs of Enefit Power's power plants. The producer price includes the price of oil shale, the price of CO2, environmental fees, labor costs, repair costs, etc.
  • To the producer price, reasonable costs, reasonable business profit and VAT are added by the energy seller. This makes up the final price of the universal service for the customer. Final price may differ from seller to seller.
  • Producer price Seller's marginal Final price
    November 18.49 cents/kWh 0.75 cents/kWh 19.24 cents/kWh
    October 18.49 cents/kWh 0.75 cents/kWh 19.24 cents/kWh

    Monthly fee of 1,99€ per month will be added to the price.

    Price includes VAT