Useful and smart tips from the world of energy

Let's start saving! Simple and smart energy saving tips
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With simple tips, every household can save energy. Most energy-saving solutions are simple and may bring a lower invoice already by next month. Savings are possible for everyone, no matter how much energy you consume.

1. Make sure your heating system is energy efficient

The biggest savings potential lies in heating. As the Estonian climate requires heating for almost half a year, it also consumes the most energy. Each heating system has its pros and cons. For example, the initial investment required for the introduction of electric radiators may be the lowest, but fixed costs are also significantly higher in winter due to higher electricity prices.

If you love a warm stone floor in your bathroom, know that this comfort can have a big impact on your electricity bill in the colder months. An air heat pump, for example, is a much more economical solution than an electric blower. If you use furnace heating today, the heat pump is a safer and more environmentally friendly option: there is no need to store heating materials and the home gets warm without smoke, soot or ash.

Now you can also get a heating solution for your home from Eesti Energia . Experienced specialists will help you choose whether an air-to-air, air-to-water or ground source heat pump is best for you, give advice on different models and perform the entire installation professionally. In addition, we will make you a good offer for a suitable electricity package.

2. Get rid of high energy consumers

In recent decades, household electricity consumption has increased many times over, as the number of electrical appliances in our homes has also grown significantly. Almost every home today has at least one TV, router, computer, kettle and many other electrical appliances.

In general, when buying a new home appliance, you should look not only at the purchasing price, but also at how much it costs to maintain the appliance during its lifetime. A more expensive but more economical machine often pays off in a few years. It is estimated that A ++ energy class devices save 45% of energy compared to energy class A, which has long been considered the pinnacle.

3. Inspect your lights

Did you know that using old incandescent bulbs can take up to a quarter of our electricity bill? By simply replacing the bulbs, this share can be reduced by up to 80%.

LED lamps are more environmentally friendly than halogen lighting because they are many times more efficient, which means lower energy consumption and a lower carbon footprint.

LED lights convert almost all of the electricity used into light, and only 10-20% is converted to other forms of energy. An incandescent lamp works just the opposite and converts only about 20% of energy into light and the remaining 80% into heat. As a result, using LED lighting can save a significant amount of money on electricity bills, while still providing more and even more light than using incandescent bulbs.

4. Stop consuming electricity during more expensive hours

Once you've chosen a package based on a stock price, it's important to know that the stock price changes in the market every hour. Thus, from time to time, the price of electricity in the early morning is relatively cheap, but during the morning rush hour it is already ten times more expensive.

With Eesti Energia, you can monitor the hourly price of electricity with Eesti Energia mobile app and schedule your higher electricity consumption according to a more favorable time. For example, if you have a sauna night ahead, you can decide according to the price of electricity whether to turn the sauna on at six o'clock or at eight o'clock in the evening. By timing your consumption more consciously, you can save up to 10% on your electricity costs.