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Signing you first electricity contract? 3 guidelines which make this easier


Congratulations on your new home! Moving always brings a lot of new nuances, and in order to make your life a little easier, we share guidelines that you should keep in mind when concluding an electricity contract.

A network agreement is the basis of everything

Before you can enter into an electricity contract at all, you need to conclude a network agreement. A network agreement is needed for the daily supply of electricity to your point of consumption.

The network agreement sets out the conditions of electricity supply, the price package of the network service and contact details for the transmission of information, for example, for sending notices of planned interruptions.

You need to sign a network agreement with the network operator in your area. As a customer of the Elektrilevi network area, you can enter into a network contract in the Elektrilevi e-service or on the information line 1343.

Just a few clicks are needed to enter into an electricity contract

On the same day as you sign the network agreement, we recommend that you also sign the electricity contract - this way both contracts will take effect at the same time. You can easily enter into a suitable electricity contract with Eesti Energia on our e-service.

To enter into a contract, you must first select an electricity package. Eesti Energia has made the selection easy - it is possible to choose between three packages.

In the Variable package, the price of electricity depends entirely on the stock exchange price. The price of electricity changes every hour on the stock exchange due to a combination of many factors. You can most conveniently keep an eye on the electricity exchange prices with the Eesti Energia mobile app.

With the Fixed package, you can fix the price of electricity for 6 to 36 months - this way you know that during that period, the price of a kilowatt-hour of electricity is the same on your invoice each month, and price fluctuations on the electricity exchange do not affect your electricity bill.

In the Equal package, the price of electricity is fixed and the electricity bill is the same each month, helping you to better plan your expenses. We will personally find an equal payment for you, taking into account your twelve-month consumption forecast. The package includes free insurance for electrical equipment and power failures.

When choosing a suitable package, think about whether you are ready to take the risk of electricity price fluctuations or perhaps you want to leave it to the electricity seller? If you prefer not to take risks, the Fixed or Equal packages are for you. The free insurance of electrical equipment included in the Equal package also gives peace of mind that in the case of a loss event, your home electrical equipment is protected.

What happens if an electricity seller is not selected?

If you have a valid network agreement but you have not signed an electricity contract with any electricity seller, you will automatically switch to universal service.

Universal service means that you can consume electricity without an electricity contract, but the price of electricity forms independently of you. The price is affected by the consumption of all customers in the universal service and a margin determined by the Competition Authority is added to the price.

If you wish to leave the universal service, all you must do is enter into an electricity contract with a suitable electricity seller.