Produce your own renewable energy

Reduce the costs of your company and contribute to electricity production

Consume wisely, produce wisely

Energy sales packages for producers are a great opportunity for solar park owners to earn additional income if

  • You don't want to consume the produced electricity;
  • The amount of output exceeds the consumption needs of your company, electricity is left over.
  • Tarbi targalt, tooda targalt

    Being a producer

    Enefit has two packages for customers to sell electricity back to the network - Variable Package based on the exchange price, and Fixed Package as a new option with a fixed price.

    The fixed-price package includes the worry-free purchase of certificates of origin, which we are the only ones to offer publicly on the market. A certificate of origin issued in Estonia or a certificate issued in a treaty country of the European Economic Area and deleted from the register of Estonian certificates of origin is used to prove the origin of the produced electricity.

    More about certificates of origin »

    New on the market!


    Fixed buyback price
    for the entire contract period

    Suitable if you want to
    hedge the risks arising from market prices

    A prerequisite for concluding the contract is a ready-made solar park, in which the producer can be the consumer

    Contract period
    Up to 4 years


    The buyback price
    is based on the exchange price and is variable

    Suitable if you want to
    manage your income according to exchange prices

    A prerequisite for concluding the contract is a ready-made solar park, in which the producer is not the consumer

    Contract period

    Sign a contract

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