Solar panels

Start generating electricity for your business and save on energy costs!

Smart investment in a greener future

Solar panels are the best way to start generating your own 100% clean energy, save on electricity costs and increase the value of your real estate.

We offer three ways for business customers and apartment associations to introduce solar energy - solar energy on a turnkey basis, solar energy in instalments, and solar energy as a service with no self-financing.

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Solar energy

Suitable for your business or apartment association if you want to invest in a solar power plant and become a producer of electricity

Total cost of the solar power plant according to the quote

Monthly fee

Contract period
No binding contract after the solar power plant is completed

Owner of the solar power plant

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Solar energy in instalments

Suitable for your business if you want to invest in a solar power plant and become an electricity producer, but you want to spread the investment over a longer period of time by paying for the park in instalments

Total cost of the solar power plant according to the quote. Deposit starting from 0 €

Monthly fee
According to the instalment plan
No contract or administration fees added

Contract period
Up to 10 years

Owner of the solar power plant
Enefit until the last instalment is paid

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Solar energy as a service

Suitable for your business or apartment association if you do not want to make an investment or deal with maintenance and administration

0 €

Monthly fee
Fee according to electricity generated each month and the agreed price of electricity

Contract period
5-25 years

Owner of the solar power plant

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Sample solutions

Flat roof

Gable roof

Ground installation
Annual consumption 50 000 kWh 100 000 kWh 0 kWh
Required free space on the roof or ground 650 m2 600 m2 1 300 m2
System capacity (solar panels) 64 kW 120 kW 250 kW
System capacity (inverter) 50 kW 100 kW 200 kW
Number of panels 140 264 376
Annual production 60 000 kWh 110 000 kWh 230 000 kWh
Cost without VAT new price 41 900 €
before 44 900 €
new price 66 900 €
before 79 000 €
new price 143 900 €
before 149 000 €
Monthly payment without VAT for solutions with instalments 1000 €
Deposit 10 000 €
Period 60 months
1575 €
Deposit 25 000 €
Period 120 months
3400 €
Deposit 60 000 €
Period 120 months
Financial gain in 30 years* 138 389 € 258 337 € 394 879 €
Rate of return (IRR)* 9,27% 11,26% 7,46%
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Energy storage

Make the energy storage work for you. Trade on the energy market, store cheap energy or maximise the value of your solar power plant. We assist you in reaching your business objectives and optimising the potential of your solar power facility.

We offer storage solutions with the nominal power from 100 kW and capacity of 200 kWh. Energy storage devices are generally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Turnkey solution

Solar energy is a safe, low-risk investment that will help you achieve significant savings on your current electricity costs. Our specialists support you every step of the way – from concept-to-delivery.

We provide high-quality equipment from the world's leading producers, which we have carefully selected. The journey from design to final assembly and commissioning of panels is trouble-free for the customer. We take care of the required building and operating permits and the network connection documentation.

Four steps to solar energy

We plan

Together we will find the best solution for solar power take-up and enter into a contract

We design

We design the solar power system, apply for the necessary permits and obtain suitable equipment.

We install

We install a solar power plant on the building or property and hand it over to the company

Start producing!

Enjoy cheaper electricity and keep an eye on the plant's productivity on your smartphone.

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Solar energy in instalments

In the case of a solution with instalments, your company or apartment association can start consuming environmentally friendly solar energy immediately without having to make a large one-time investment. Acquisition of a solar park in instalments will extend the payback period for a 50 kW plant by only 2-3 years.

We offer equipment by the world's leading manufacturers that is high-quality, has a long warranty, and has undergone a careful selection process. The journey from design to final set-up of the panels and handover for generation will be worry-free for the customer. We take care of the necessary licenses as well as the documentation regarding network connection. We help you every step of the way in creating a suitable solution - from idea and funding to realization.

Important terms and conditions when applying for a solution with instalments:

  • We monitor your credit rating
  • Interest starting from 8% on the loan balance, 10-11% on average
  • Deposit starting from EUR 0
  • Period up to 10 years
  • Payback period extends by 2-3 years for a 50 kW park.
  • Four steps to solar energy in instalments


    Together we will find the best solution for solar power take-up and enter into a contract


    We design the solar power system, apply for the necessary permits and obtain suitable equipment.


    We install a solar power plant on the building or property and hand it over to the company

    Start producing!

    Enjoy cheaper electricity and keep an eye on the plant's productivity on your smartphone.

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    Solar energy full service with no self-financing

    We install an individual solar power plant on the roof of your building or property free of charge and sell the electricity generated there to your company or apartment association. Enefit takes care of the operation and maintenance of the plant.

    You will start saving on electricity costs immediately because you save on network fees and can fix your electricity price on favourable terms for up to 25 years.

    Five steps to solar energy

    We plan

    Together we will find the best solution for solar power take-up and enter into a contract

    We design

    We design the solar power system, apply for the necessary permits and obtain suitable equipment.

    We install

    We install a solar power plant on the building or property and hand it over to the company

    Start producing!

    Enjoy cheaper electricity and keep an eye on the plant's productivity with a smart phone.

    We maintain and operate

    We will maintain the plant throughout the contract period. If you have any questions, we are just a phone call away.

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    Why install solar panels?

  • Reduces energy costs
    You save on electricity, network charges and state taxes, and you can sell the rest of your electricity back to the network.
  • A smart investment
    An investment in panels is both stable and reliable, improves the energy class of the building and increases its market value.
  • The most environmentally friendly energy
    By generating electricity from the sun, you will reduce your carbon footprint, contribute to preserving the environment, and set an example for others.
  • Why Enefit?

  • Carefree and smooth process
    Our solar energy experts do their best to make everything go smoothly from idea to implementation. We think alongside you and create the best solutions, apply for the required permits and assist with the network contract. Moreover, we will buy back any excess electricity from electricity consumption.
  • Guaranteed quality
    Besides our valued expertise, we offer equipment from the leading producers of the world, and the installation will be handled by our experienced partners. Our equipment is covered by a 10-year warranty and our work by 2-year warranty.
  • We will always be there
    Since this is a long-term investment, we can guarantee that we will be there for you today and in the years to come.
  • Personal approach
    We find a solution that suits the possibilities and needs of each customer and helps lay the foundation for a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We also help finance the solution.
  • Completed works

    By today we have installed more than a 100 solar power plants across Estonia with a total capacity of over 7 MW. We install plants on both gable ​​and flat roofs as well as on the ground. Each solar power plant is a tailored solution and is designed according to the specifics of the building and the needs of the customer.

    Estonia Farm's solar power plant

    We installed a solar power plant with a capacity of 174 kW, consisting of 644 solar panels, on the roof of dairy farm Estonia in Järva county. It is a Solar Electricity Plus solution where the customer does not need to invest and the electricity produced can be cheaper for the customer than the electricity purchased from the network. Also, the price of solar energy is fixed for the entire contract period, so the more electricity price increases in the future, the greater the savings for the customer. The installed system covers about 15% of the customer's total annual electricity consumption, including more than a half of the company's daily consumption from April to August.

    Printing house Greif´s solar power plant

    Next to the production plant of Greif in Tartu, we built a solar power plant with a capacity of 216 kW, consisting of 800 solar panels. The installed system covers 20% of the total annual electricity consumption of the printing house and covers almost 3000 m2 of ground. It is also a Solar Electricity Plus solution.

    Solar power plant at the Tasku Centre

    We installed 560 solar panels on one of the largest shopping centres in Tartu, with a total power of 151 kW. The installed turnkey system covers 4% of the centre's annual electricity consumption. The project was complicated by a multi-level roof with several ventilation units. To ensure safety and bearing capacity, we made the required design calculations.

    BM Trade's solar power plant

    We built a 230 kW solar power plant on the property and rooftop of the eel trading company BM Trade in Viljandi, which allows the company to mitigate the risk of rising market prices of electricity because the favourable electricity price is fixed in the contract for 25 years. The plant, set up in Viiratsi, was designed with the energy needs of eel farming in mind, to cover all fish farming electricity needs and to sell the rest of the electricity to the network.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A majority of solar power plants we see on the roofs and façades of buildings or on the ground need mains supply to function. Should the mains supply be cut, the production of solar energy also switches off. This means that, unless it is a hybrid battery solution, the solar plant will not work in case of a power failure.
    Generally, it would be good for a specialist to inspect the solar power system (visual inspection, circuit measurements, inverter software update, etc.) every two to three years. You don't need to worry too much about snow in winter either, as snow will not damage the panels and there is hardly sufficient sunlight in midwinter in any case. In autumn and spring when there is more light, the panel is capable of self-cleaning. That is, the panel will start generating electricity from the light glimmering through a thinner layer of snow, the panel will warm up slightly during operation, and this will help the layer of slow slide off or melt.
    Legal entities can apply for various public investment grants from Kredexilt, Prialt and the Environmental Investment Centre for the installation of a solar solution..
    Estonia is a suitable place for the production of solar electricity. In summer, the bright time of the day will start in Estonia earlier and end later than, for example, in Central Europe. Solar panels generate energy 12 months per year. The peak season for solar panels in Estonia is in April–May when the weather is cloudless and sufficiently cool. The panels produce energy even in cloudy weather and guarantee 10–20% of the yearly produced amount of electricity in autumn and winter.
    It would be good if the panels were facing south but this is not always possible. Contrary to popular belief, panels can be oriented to any cardinal direction, including north. However, you need to take into account there will be less productivity: At 35 degrees, east and west give 20% less output and north – 50%.

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    Financial gain in 30 years

    The financial gain from installing solar panels consists of two parts:

  • Savings on electricity purchased from the grid – by consuming the electricity produced with solar panels, you save from electricity purchased from the grid, grid fees and taxes
  • Sales of electricity to the grid – the remaining electricity from your consumption can be sold back to the grid
  • In finding the financial gain, we have taken into account the average electricity prices and network charges for the year. We adjust the growth of electricity prices according to the long-term average inflation rate of 2%. The increase in network charges has not been included in the cost-benefit calculation. The financial gain is calculated for 30 years, which is also the period for which we give a performance guarantee for solar panels.

    Rate of return (IRR)

    The calculations are based on the following assumptions:

  • The lifespan of the project is 25 years
  • The positive effect of the investment results comes from:
    - the electricity not purchased from the network, and related network service fees, electricity excise tax and renewable energy fees.
    - the electricity sold to the network.
  • The base price of electricity is calculated as the weighted hourly average of the Nordpool Spot price in the year 2019 against the presumable hourly production of solar panels. The increase of the cost of electricity is assumed to be 2% per year.
  • The cost of the network service is calculated at EUR 24/MWh. It is assumed that the network service fee will not increase.
  • Calculations are with the current electricity excise rate of EUR 4.47/MWh and the current renewable energy fee, at the rate of EUR 11.30/MWh.
  • The return on investment does not include the one time fee for joining the network, which in the case of parks under 50 kW is usually up to EUR 1,000.
  • Support schemes

    It is possible to apply for governmental investment support to install a solar solution.

    More information can be found here.

  • Equipment and warranty

    We use the following devices from the world's leading major manufacturers to build solar solutions:

    PANELS: Recom. Both mono and polycrystalline panels are available.
    INVERTERS: Huawei

    Equipment lifetime and warranty period

    Solar panels have a life span of at least 25 years. Their capacity decreases by about 0.6% per year, and after 25 years the manufacturers guarantee a power output of about 85%. Only the inverter should be replaced about 15 years after installation.

    Appliances are subject to the following product guarantees - 15 years for panels and 5-10 years for inverter.

    We provide a 2-year warranty on the installation of the equipment.

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