Sale and installation of gas equipment

Wide range of different gas appliances and professional installation

High quality equipment and professional installation

Gas equipment should be bought from a reliable partner who is available to answer your questions today and in the years to come.

Only entrust installation to trained professionals with long-term work experience.

Sales and installation of other gas equipment

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We sell and install gas boilers and gas water heaters.

We have a selection of different high-quality devices of European origin: Bosch, Junkers, Buderus, Immergas, Baxi, Vaillant and Viessmann. We have solutions for different needs: both for small apartments as well as large private houses.

Equipment can also be purchased on hire purchase
  • Gas boiler by payment in installments for 48 months from 55 € / month
  • Gas boiler by payment in installments for 24 months from 23 € / month
  • Take a look at the detailed price list for gas works

    Price list for gas works

    Sales and installation of other gas equipment

    Gas heating is one of the safest and most ecological ways of producing heat, but safety rules must be strictly observed when selecting and installing a boiler or water heater. Therefore, it is reasonable to choose a company that has the right work methods, the necessary certificates and is responsible for its work.

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    Why choose Eesti Energia?

    All works are performed by thoroughly trained and licensed technicians
    Our technician will present you with a performance report, about the works done
    We provide a warranty to all works performed
    A possibility to pay for the service conveniently together with the invoice for other Eesti Energia services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The technicians performing the work have all the knowledge, skills and required qualifications necessary for the operation and repair of gas equipment. Technicians are aware of the applicable requirements for the maintenance and installation of gas appliances as well as for the construction of a gas installation, and they carry out the work in compliance with all safety requirements.

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    Price list for gas works

    Service Normal price incl. VAT Price for the customer of Eesti Energia incl. VAT
    Gas water boiler maintenance 64 € 59 €
    Gas boiler maintenance 92 € 84 €
    Carbon monoxide fire detector FireAngel CO-9B with mounting 36 € 33 €
    Carbon monoxide fire detector FireAngel CO-9B 26 € 24 €
    Installation of carbon monoxide sensor 10 € 9 €
    Installation and repair* 50 € 45 €
    Installation and repair in Tartu* 77 € 70 €
    Gas stove installation 55 € 50 €
    Technical inspection of gas installation
    (1-4 apartments
    50 € 42 €
    Technical inspection of gas installation
    (5+ apartments)
    24 € 19 €
    Shared technical inspection of gas installation (staircase, basement, etc.) 63 € 58 €
    Rush order. The fee will be added to the working hour price** 30 € 30 €
    Transportation fee*** 0,60 €/km 0,60 €/km

    * Minimum fee, which applies even when the specialist has traveled but cannot perform the agreed work due to reasons arising from the client's side

    ** We perform rush orders in Tallinn

    *** Is not applicable in Tallinn and Tartu

    Working time of the employee is calculated with 15 minutes intervals.

    Rental working tools may be added to the price.

    The price per hour worked in the price list corresponds to the hourly rate per employee. The actual cost of the work to be performed depends on the number of employees carrying out the work.