Off-Grid Power Plant

A personal power plant in your home that is independent of the power network and produces and picks up energy directly from nature.

Off-Grid Power Plant

Green electricity can be used in any location, and you can produce just as much electricity as you need for personal consumption. This is a good alternative to a traditional network connection.

How does a home power plant work?

Think green and generate electricity with solar panels

Solar, wind and hydropower all offer us a good opportunity to use sustainable green energy picked up from nature. An off-grid power plant will teach you to think in an environmentally friendly way and to combine various renewable energy solutions, which in turn helps to spare natural resources.

A well-thought-out and environmentally friendly off-grid power plant can generate all the electricity you need by means of solar panels and a wind turbine.

Read more about how being off-grid helps to save nature »

Package solutions

Power plant Cottage

Package S

Applicable equipment

LED lights; PC / mobile charging; Gas stove; TV; Refrigerator; Pellet / wood / gas heating; Small water pump


  • Max output 230V/1280W
  • Battery bank output without charging 5h/500W
  • Remote management interface option
  • Turnkey

    5599 €

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    Power plant Summer house

    Package M

    Applicable equipment

    LED lights; PC / mobile charging; Gas stove; TV; Refrigerator; Pellet / wood / gas heating; Small water pump; Kettle; Washing machine; Microwave


  • Max output 230V/2400W
  • Battery bank output without charging 6h/1kW
  • Remote management interface
  • Turnkey

    8799 €

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    Power plant House

    Package L

    Applicable equipment

    LED lights; PC / mobile charging; Gas stove; TV; Refrigerator; Pellet / wood / gas heating; Small water pump; Kettle; Washing machine; Microwave; Iron; Vacuum cleaner (newer EU)


  • Max output 230V/4000W
  • Battery bank output without charging 12h/1kW
  • Remote management interface
  • Turnkey

    12 616 €

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    Power plant Home

    Package XL

    Applicable equipment

    LED lights; PC / mobile charging; Gas stove; TV; Refrigerator; Pellet / wood / gas heating; Small water pump; Kettle; Washing machine or dishwasher; Microwave; Iron; Vacuum cleaner (newer EU); Air/ground source heat pump


  • Max output 230V/8000W
  • Battery bank output without charging 24h/1kW
  • Remote management interface
  • Turnkey

    27 999 €

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    Prices do not include VAT

    Why choose an off-grid power plant

    Easy to install

    Pre-tuned solutions, ready-to-use product components and an installation guide are the main reasons why the installation of a home power plant package solution is so easy.

    Independent and fee-free

    An off-grid home power plant is 100% user-owned. It is an independent and storm-proof power supply solution, to which no network and connection fees are added, nor do you have to pay extra for electricity consumption.

    Only good components

    Thoroughly selected equipment by reliable manufacturers and suppliers ensures the long-term and smooth operation of your home power plant.

    Best price

    Our specialists work every day so that we can offer you our solutions at the best price.

    Choose a diesel generator, too, for the winter

    For year-round use, a diesel generator should be added to an off-grid home power plant system to ensure power supply when there is not enough sunlight and the battery level is low.

    By cleverly combining a diesel generator and a home power plant, the generator is estimated to run only 5-10% of the time to cover all electricity needs.

    The generator is not included in the standard set of an off-grid home power plant – it can be purchased later and added to the system if necessary.

    Control the production of electricity with your smart device

    Most package solutions can be managed locally over a user interface or smart device. With a local internet connection and a remote management interface, you can monitor and control the production of a home power plant with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. This gives you the opportunity to turn your electricity production on and off either from your city apartment or on the way home. Check with your local service provider for local internet connection options.

    Large special solutions

    We have extensive experience in autonomous network-free solutions. Our off-grid power plants supply electricity to both smaller households and several small Estonian islands. We are flexible in assembling special solutions, offering not only standard packages but also solar panels, battery capacity and other equipment according to your needs.

    Ask for a free quote for the desired capacity, number of devices or equipment for large sites.

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    Why choose us?

    Top quality

    Our thorough knowledge and long experience guarantee that our solutions are of high quality and long-lasting.

    Innovative equipment

    Given the rapid development of technology, we constantly make sure that our equipment is the latest and most capable.

    State guarantee

    We provide a long-term guarantee for our work and equipment. We are always with you, we are reliable.

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    More about the service

    How does a home power plant work?

    Smart solution for generating electricity

    An off-grid power plant is a smart solution for electricity generation and consumption. This is a solution developed by Estonian engineers, taking different consumption needs into account. When creating the packages, we proceeded from the customer's point of view and took into account the nominal capacities and frequency of use of various household appliances. If you decide in favour of a personal home power plant, you should definitely pay attention to your consumption habits and to making them more energy efficient.

    Produces and stores energy

    Home power plant package solutions are well suited for seasonal use, for example, to supply electricity to cottages and summer houses. During the sunny period from April to the end of September when the productivity of solar panels is high, the amount of energy received from the sun will most likely cover the entire electricity need of the consumption point.

    Can be used all year round

    For the winter season, a generator should be added to the system to ensure electricity generation during the dark hours. This does not mean that solar energy cannot be consumed at all from October to April - a smart solar power plant can produce a certain amount of electricity even in low daylight and with cloudy weather. The generator will only start when there is not enough sunlight and the battery level is critically low. Based on our experience, the operating time of a generator in year-round use will be 5-10% of all hours of the year. A generator is not included in the standard set - it can be purchased later and added to the solar station.

    Thought-out components

    The equipment of a home power plant includes solar panels, batteries, battery charger, inverter, protection devices, connection cables, and a smart control system. The stand-alone power plant operates in modes that switch automatically, and as a user, you have a constant overview of what is happening in the system by means of your smart device.

    The electricity generated is either sent directly for consumption or stored in the battery bank.

    The battery bank is charged

  • mostly with electricity generated by solar panels,
  • and as a backup option, with the generator when the sun is not shining (e.g at night, in cloudy weather, in winter) and the battery state of charge has dropped below the permitted level. In this case, the generator starts automatically and runs as long as the batteries are fully charged.
  • Note: The generator is not included in the standard set.

    What does the future look like?

    Already today, an off-grid power plant can be used to supply electricity to a small cottage as well as to cover the electricity needs of an entire island. Did you know that one of the largest off-grid power plants in Estonia is built on Ruhnu Island, and it supplies electricity to the local consumers of the island? The Ruhnu off-grid system combines solar and generator solutions as well as wind energy.

    The solution purchased today will not limit you in the future! As the need for electricity increases, you can add solar panels, batteries and other components to the system.

    How does being an Off-Grid customer help save nature?

    The green mission

    If you share our mission of green thinking and want to help save the environment, then a good option is to set up your own home power plant. With an off-grid power plant, you can produce the electricity for your household from natural sources right where you need it. Natural energy sources do not always supply energy evenly and in the same way as we are used to with an ordinary grid connection. Therefore, in addition to green energy generation, it is important to introduce energy-efficient consumption habits.

    Use wisely

    In order to reduce energy losses, it is most sensible to immediately consume the generated electricity. This means that sunny weather is the best time to use home appliances and to do other necessary things. On the other hand, it is not worth consuming all the energy during the day, but saving some for night consumption. At times when the sun is not shining, consumption should be minimized so that the energy stored in the batteries would last until sunrise. During daytime, it is important to ensure that activities are dispersed. By connecting too many consumers at once, it can overload the system or even shut it down. The right package solution helps to avoid such a situation. To simplify the selection of a package, we have indicated potential consumers that are suitable for use with the specific system.

    Backup power

    The introduction of a generator should be considered if you plan to use energy at the point of consumption in the winter period (October to April). Diesel fuel is not the most environmentally friendly solution, but by using it wisely, the system will work more efficiently, thanks to which it is possible to reduce environmental pollution. By cleverly combining a generator and a home power plant, the generator is estimated to run only 5-10% of the time to cover all electricity needs. This means that the generator only switches on when it is needed, and usually at full power, avoiding continuous operation at low efficiency. The energy produced is sent directly to consumption and to recharge the batteries. When the batteries are full, the generator stops and power is supplied by the batteries. The existence of a generator will also be helpful in the event of a system failure.

    Start saving today

    Green thinking is much more than just installing a solar panel to cover your energy needs. It is also about making your thinking and consumption habits more energy efficient. You can start today! Take a look at your energy consumption and, if possible, produce the necessary electricity in your own personal home power plant.

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