Electric car charging

Charging solutions for companies and apartment buildings

Enefit VOLT – charging partner for your business

Electric transport is the transport of the future. Stylish and easy-to-use charging stations are the business card of many companies already.

We can support you if your company wants to install an electric car charger for its employees, customers or make the car fleet fully electric.

In addition, we offer apartment buildings a flexible and future-proof comprehensive solution and help solve the most common challenges that apartment associations currently face.

Check out the possibilities

Companies can now rent an electric car charger

The charger rental service is for your business if you want:

  • a worry-free charging with permanent warranty and maintenance;
  • a professional and convenient turnkey solution;
  • flexible conditions.
  • Learn more about rental service packages

    We will help you find the right charging solution

    For commercial premises

    For real estate development

    For the company's car fleet

    For apartment buildings

    Join Enefit VOLT public charging!

    Our charging network covering the whole of Estonia is constantly evolving, offering ultra-fast and fast charging for electric cars from Europe (CCS), Japan (CHAdeMO) and with universal Type2 charging standard.

    Find the nearest charging station, start charging and view your charging history conveniently with the Enefit VOLT app.

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