Maintenance service

Trust the safety of your electrical installation to experts

Maintenance service keeps electrical systems in working order

The main purpose of the maintenance service is to prevent electrical failures, not to deal with their possible consequences. In order for the building's electrical system to be functional and safe, it needs to be regularly maintained.

If the main fuse of the electrical system is greater than 100 A, maintenance management is mandatory.

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What does Eesti Energia's maintenance service cover?

  • Reliable and convenient
    We provide a comprehensive service, manage the entire power system and take care of official dealings.
  • Regular inspection
    We regularly carry out technical inspections of the power system to detect any deviations as quickly as possible.
  • We keep the paperwork in order
    We maintain the electrical system documentation of the building, including projects, schemes and maintenance plans.
  • We maintain and repair
    We carry out all necessary electrical maintenance and repair works to ensure smooth operation of the building's electrical system.
  • All-encompassing assistance is always available
    In addition to mandatory maintenance management, our maintenance service also covers assistance to residents and tenants of the building in solving electrical problems.
  • Five steps to the maintenance management service

    Initial inspection and submission of a bid
    We enter into a contract and we will prepare the maintenance plan
    A technician will visit the sites and perform scheduled inspections
    Preparation of reports describing the state of the electrical installation
    If necessary, we will prepare an offer and remedy any shortcomings
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    Why choose Eesti Energia as a partner in maintenance management?

  • We have currently over 450 satisfied customers of our maintenance service.
  • There have been no accidents in the power systems maintained by Eesti Energia that would have resulted in damage to health or property.
  • Our technicians have both the necessary knowledge and long-term experience in providing the maintenance service.
  • Our service is covered by warranty today and in the future.
  • Why choose Eesti Energia as a partner in maintenance management?

    The price depends on the characteristics of the building.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In the course of maintenance works, the technician will perform the following works:
  • Visual inspection of the overall condition of switchboards
  • Testing of circuit breakers
  • Checking the existence and veracity of electrical wiring diagrams
  • Checking for labels and markings
  • Inspection concerning the vibration and noise of contactors and relays
  • Visual inspection of electrical cables and earthing installation
  • Inspection/checking of cables and protective equipment
  • Tightening the connection terminals and bolted joints
  • Checking for the lack of heating signs
  • Checking for the presence and condition of earth conductors
  • Checking the conformity of protective equipment
  • Checking for cable markings and their veracity
  • Inspection of the emergency lighting (optional)
  • If the power system's main fuse (building's main fuse) exceeds 100 amps, the existence of a maintenance manager is mandatory.
  • An maintenance manager is a person who is competent in the field of electricity (the contract must contain information on the certificate of competence) and manages the operation of an electrical installation and electrical works.
  • We advise the representative of the apartment association to find out exactly what the general electrical system of the house is and what it does not cover. The easiest thing to do is to count the lighting systems in the common areas and all power lines up to the main fuse of each apartment as the property of the association. This creates a clear understanding of who is responsible for what.
  • Replacement of bulbs and the operational elimination of malfunctions may not be part of the maintenance service, although these are activities that tend to be considered as maintenance management. The purpose of maintenance is to prevent malfunctions and not to deal with consequences.
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    What to consider when choosing your maintenance partner?

    Important tips

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