Electrical installation audit

Identify and prevent potential hazards in the electricity system

Electricity system audit ensures safety of the property

You will need an electrical installation audit if you have installed a new electricity system, in which case the audit will be performed prior to deployment. However, periodic audits of all electricity systems are required.

The purpose of the audit is to provide assurance that the electricity system is functioning safely and is protected from potential failures.

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Why do all electricity systems have to be re-examined at intervals?

  • The hazards of the electrical system may go unnoticed without regular inspection, becoming visible only when a hazardous situation is already in progress.
  • The insulation of wires ages and the electricity system is affected by environmental conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to have the electricity system inspected more thoroughly by specialists from time to time in order to avoid hazardous situations.
  • Eesti Energia is a fast-track and convenient choice if you wish to order an electrical installation audit:

  • We have carried out hundreds of reliable electrical audits.
  • Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and the most thorough and long-term experience in Estonia in order to offer you a high-quality electrical installation audit.
  • Four steps of the electrical installation audit

    We get in touch
    We observe and evaluate
    We prepare an audit report
    We provide solutions and, upon request, carry out the necessary electrical works
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are a home and/or property owner, the law requires that an initial audit be carried out before the electrical system is deployed. Regular audits are carried out every 3 to 15 years, depending on the type of building:

  • Type I electrical installations (buildings and major hazard buildings and critical hospital premises) – every 5 years;
  • Type II electrical installations (apartment associations, offices, industrial buildings, medical facilities, etc. where the main fuse rating is higher than 35 A) – every 10 years;
  • Type III electrical installations (other buildings with a rated fuse rating less than 35 A) – every 15 years.
  • An electrical installation constructed or modified before 2000 is subject to a regular audit at the following frequency:

  • Type I electrical installation – every 3 years;
  • Type II electrical installation – every 5 years;
  • Type III electrical installations – every 10 years.
  • During the audit, our specialists will perform the following works:

  • Visual inspection of the electricity system to assess whether the electrical installation has been designed and complies with regulatory documents and the installation or operating instructions provided by the electrical equipment producer. Our technicians also make sure that the electricity system is safe to use.
  • Review of documents to randomly evaluate whether all the requirements are met. In some cases, the electricity system auditor may assess the documentation in a greater detail and ask for additional information.
  • Control calculations and assessment of the results of measurements and tests. All measurements and tests will be carried out by an accredited laboratory or a laboratory recognised as competent by the Metrology Act.
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