Electricity contract

Choose the best electricity package for your business!

Seasonal Secure

Green electricity package that offers you peace of mind

The package is suitable for you if:

  • you also use electricity in the winter for heating,
  • you want to make the most of the seasonal price difference.
  • Exchange price in the summer,
    fixed price in the winter


    the price of kWh is fixed
    for the entire contract period

    Suitable if you want to be
    protected against price increases

    Package is by default 100% Green Energy

    The kWh price of electricity on your bill will be the same every month. Price fluctuations in the electricity exchange will have no effect on your bill.


    exchange price
    that changes every hour

    Suitable if you want to
    manage your consumption according to the exchange prices

    Package is by default 100% Green Energy

    You benefit from cheaper price periods, but you are also prepared for changes in the exchange price of electricity.

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    Seasonal Secure

    An electricity package that has an affordable exchange price in the summer and a fixed price in the winter.

    Why choose the Seasonal Secure package?

    With this package, you will have an affordable exchange price from April to September. From October to March, the period when exchange prices can go through the roof, your peace of mind will be ensured by a green fixed price. At the same time, the price is always at least as affordable as in the Fixed 6 package.

    The package is suitable for you if:

  • you also use electricity in the winter for heating,
  • you want to make the most of the seasonal price difference.
  • The best electricity purchasing solution for your business

    As a large consumer, Enefit offers you always electricity purchase solutions that consider the needs and objectives of the company. The solutions can be used to fix the price in the long run or to benefit from the movement of exchange prices.

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    Fixed price purchase solution

    If you choose a fixed purchase solution for your company, then the price per megawatt hour of electricity is fixed throughout the contract period, even if the price on the exchange fluctuates.

    This is a good choice if it is important to keep the cost of electricity exactly within the budget.

    Exchange price purchase solution

    If you choose the exchange price purchase solution, then we purchase all electricity from the Nord Pool power exchange that changes every hour.

    By implementing this strategy, it is possible to obtain the most favorable price for electricity, but it must also consider the price risk.

    Fixed and exchange price purchase solution

    In the case of a fixed and stock exchange purchase solution, the agreed share of hourly consumption is subject to a fixed price and the rest to the stock exchange price. This is suitable when you want to keep some of your electricity costs fixed to protect yourself to some degree from market fluctuations.

    Base energy and exchange price purchase solution

    In this strategy, we purchase electricity at the agreed rate as base energy and the excess as open-exchange based supply.

    This is a good choice when consumption is generally stable but may rise to very high levels in some hours.

    Long-term wind power purchase agreement – a green and affordable choice

    A long-term wind power purchase agreement, or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is an innovative solution that helps to comfortably switch over to consuming renewable energy and to reduce electricity costs at the same time.

    The agreement enables to fix the price of electricity for a desired period on favorable terms and to keep electricity costs at a low and stable level. The duration of the contract is a minimum of seven years, but you can decide the exact duration and period. The offer is available in limited quantity.

    Choosing renewable energy gives you the opportunity to make your business more environmentally friendly and to know exactly in which Baltic wind farm the electricity is produced.

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    In addition to these purchasing solutions, we also offer open supply, dedicated supply, and balance management.

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    Make your business green!

    Green Energy is also gaining popularity among companies with higher energy consumption that value energy-efficient thinking. 100% renewable energy is used to produce Green Energy.

    Learn more

    When purchasing electricity from Enefit you also get

    personal service from a client manager with long-term experience;

    all energy solutions conveniently through one partner - in addition to electricity, we also provide gas, electrical works, maintenance service, electrical auditing, solar panels and upgrades to lighting systems;

    comprehensive advice on how to make your business greener and make your energy consumption more sustainable


    The price of the general service for business customers is based on the Nord Pool Spot exchange price.

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    Green Energy

    Where does Green Energy come from?

    Green Energy is produced from 100% renewable energy sources, mainly solar, wind and hydropower. We either produce the Green Energy ourselves or buy it from other European electricity producers.

    Why is Green Energy good?

    By purchasing Green Energy, you are influencing the development of electricity generation to better preserve the environment and make better use of existing natural resources. The greater the number of Green Energy customers, the greater the share of renewable energy in electricity generation and the less carbon dioxide emitted by electricity production.

    Go Green »

    Prices for the universal service

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