Generator rental

A quick solution for short-term electricity consumption

Wide range of generators for rent

A generator is a diesel-powered device that generates electricity and that can be moved at the selected location.

Suitable for supplying electricity if there will be a temporary increase in electricity consumption and for outdoor events.

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How to choose the correct capacity?

When choosing a suitable generator you should pay attention to its wattage and application.

  • In case of a planned or unforeseen power outage, choose a generator corresponding to the amperage of the main fuse of the building.
  • If you need a generator for an outdoor event, calculate the capacity that will be used and also take into account that you might need extra cables and other connections. In order to receive a more accurate quotation you should also submit to us the location plan of your event.
  • Why rent a generator from us?

    Great selection

    We offer a wide range of generators with wattage between 13 kVA and 700 kVA

    Full service

    The rental price includes the delivery, installation and removal of the generator

    On-the-spot service

    You can also optionally order on-site service by our professional specialist.

    How much does it cost?

    The generator rental price depends on the location where the generator is to be delivered, the number of rental days and whether the customer requests on-site service or not.

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    Rental equipment

    Rental equipment Wattage (A)
    Diesel generators (mobile or on a trailer)
    Diesel generator 13 kVA 20 A
    Diesel generator 33 kVA 50 A
    Diesel generator 40 kVA 63 A
    Diesel generator 50 kVA 70 A
    Diesel generator 55 kVA 80 A
    Diesel generator 88 kVA 125 A
    Diesel generator 130 kVA 200 A
    Diiselgeneraator 150 kVA 220 A
    Diesel generator 200 kVA 280 A
    Diesel generators 2x 200 kVA synchronous 2 x 280 A
    Diesel generator 250 kVA 360 A
    Diesel generator 500 kVA 725 A
    Diesel generator 2x 500 kVA synchronous 2 x 725 A
    Diesel generator 700 kVA 1000 A

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    Rent a generator

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