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Electricity contract and general service

Since the year 2013, when the electricity market was opened, clients have two separate service providers: a network services provider and seller of electricity.

A network contract is required so that you can consume electricity on a daily basis. The network company, based on the signed contract provides electricity to the place of consumption. The network contract establishes the conditions for the provision of electricity, the price package for the network services and contact details for forwarding info, for example for sending notices of planned interruptions. The network company is responsible for solving network faults. Every region has only one network services provider, which in most cases is Elektrilevi.

You can choose, when signing the electricity contract the electricity seller that suits you and the most suitable package for you, as well as pricing method. You can for example, choose if you prefer the exchange price or a fixed price for a specific period.

The offers of electricity sellers can be different in more than just the price. Enefit for example, offers all of its clients a mobile application intended for observing consumption, a unified invoice with the network service, the possibility to order a professional electrician and with the Equal Package, also free of charge insurance for electrical equipment and faults. It must be taken into consideration when the offers of sellers of electricity are fairly similar in price, which additional values simplify daily life and help save valuable time.

First terminate your network contract when moving. You can terminate your network contract with a 30 day advance notice with your network company. You can terminate the network contract as a client in the servicing area of Elektrilevi in the Elektrilevi e-services.

The end of the network contract automatically ends the electricity contract. You do not have to contact us separately for terminating the electricity contract.

The next inhabitant can start in turn to sign a network contract, if you have given notice that you want to terminate the network contract. The power is switched off from the place of consumption, if the new contract is not signed within 30 days after the presentation of the desire to terminate the old contract.

First sign a network contract with the network company responsible for the place of consumption, if you are moving in. The network contract is compulsory, if you want to consume electricity and it is a prerequisite for signing an electricity contract.

We recommend signing the electricity contract on the same day you sign the network contract - they will then both come into force at the same time.

Sign an electricity contract

We may be informed of the death of a client by a person close to the client, a relative, friend, but also a social worker or caregiver. It would be nice to present us with a copy of the death certificate when informing about the death to our clients services (link to contacts), but we will always make a query to the population register, to be convinced of the authenticity of the notice.

A person usually has two contracts in the case of energy services - a network contract and electricity contract. It is important to transfer the network contract to the name of a new person, in case of the death of the contract owner or to terminate it, if electricity is not consumed at the given address. The invoices will be issued with the corresponding contract data, as long as the contract is in the name of the deceased. Eventually the power will be switched off and the contracts terminated, if the invoices are not paid and a debt arises.

The household clients that have not signed an electricity contract with a single specified electricity seller are consumers of the general service on the open electricity market. The supply of electricity in the framework of the general service is the duty of the network company. The network company must not itself deal with the sales of electricity, but must appoint a seller for it, if the network company has over 100 000 clients, as is the case with Elektrilevi. The appointed seller of Elektrilevi is Enefit.

Learn about the general service pricing principles and general service prices here.

Gas contract

You must have a valid gas network contract before you can sign a gas contract. You can sign a network contract with the company that has jurisdiction over the location of consumption.

Gas contracts of household clients are termless, whereas the last date of the price's sales period is also the last date of the current year (for example 01.05.2023 – 31.12.2023). A contract with a corporate client is signed for a fixed term (usually from the start date of the sales period to the end of the current calendar year).

The contract with the new gas seller must be signed at least 14 days prior to the start of the following month, if you want to change the seller of gas. The delivery can then start from the beginning of the following calendar month. The start date of delivery will be postponed by one month, if less than 14 days remain until the start of the month.

Sign a contract

The gas package can be changed at any time, but in case of a contract change, the package starts from the first date of the following month. Please contact client services for making changes to the gas contract.

You have the right at any time to terminate the contract, giving 30 days prior notice. There is no fee for the premature termination of a contract, in the case of a household client. Please present an application by e-mail or phone to our client services for terminating the gas contract. The premature termination of a corporate client's gas contract may be subject to a premature (e.g. prior to the end of the sales period) contract termination fee, according to the client's contract.

The basis for invoicing the gas contract is the gas consumed in cubic metres, but for informative purposes we also show the consumed quantities in kilowatt-hours on the invoice. The sales price of gas does not include the price for the network service as Enefit does not provide network services for gas. The network services provider will present the invoice for the network service and gas excise tax.

Please present meter reading and other technical questions to the existing gas network companies. Enefit uses the data forwarded by the network company for compiling the gas invoice. Please contact your network company, if you want information concerning data (consumption data) on the invoice.


An authorisation can be used for giving another person the right to manage activities concerning the purchase of energy. You can in this way, for example, take responsibility for managing the invoices of your parents. It is also possible to specify on the authorisation, how extensive rights the authorisation allows.

Different possibilities for authorisations:

Full authorisation – gives the recipient of the authorisation the right in all fields, for actions relative to Enefit and the management of contracts related to Enefit and Elektrilevi. The authorisation is valid in all service channels of Enefit and Elektrilevi for different activities (e.g. signing contracts, amendments, paying invoices, informing of meter readings etc.).

Limited authorisation – gives the authorization holder the right to manage and pay bills of the contract associated with a specific reference number, or only to pay bills.

The owner of the location of consumption can give an authorisation to a person that is registered in the Enefit client infosystem - thus the recipient of the authorisation must first register him/herself as a client in e-services (even if the point of consumption is lacking).

There are many ways for issuing the authorisation:
  • e-services
  • by e-mail
  • The authoriser must fill in and digitally sign a simple authorisation and forward it to us, to the address [email protected]
    Authorisation for a household client (docx) »
    Authorisation for a corporate client (docx) »
  • by regular mail
    Please send manually signed authorisations by regular mail to the address "Klienditeenindus, Lelle 22, Tallinn".
  • Compile an authorisation in e-services

    Terms and principles of customer data processing

    We follow the Estonian and European Union legislation when processing personal data of our clients. We only use the data for the reason they were collected for and to the extent of fulfilling these aims.

    We preserve your personal data for the period required for achieving the aims or until the obligation deadline foreseen in legislation. We will delete the personal data upon achieving the aim or at the termination of the legislative obligation.

    Access to client data is restricted to the employees that require them for their job duties. The processing of data is restricted thereby to the extent necessary for fulfilling job duties. Companies that cooperate with us in the data processing (e.g. providers of postal or printing services) follow the same rules concerning the keeping of client data. Contracts signed with them include the obligation of safekeeping client data.

    You have the right to acquaint yourself with your client data in the Enefit e-services. lease inform us at the first possible moment if the client data have changed or are incorrect for other reasons.

    You have the right as a client of Enefit to demand the cessation of your data processing and/or deletion of collected data, if the right stems from the personal data protection legislation or other legislation.

    Contact our client services, if you desire further information about the use of your personal data or require assistance in realising your rights.

    Principles of Enefit customer data processing (PDF) »

    Acquaint yourself with our processors (PDF) »

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